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Meet the Leadership of LEAH

Interview with Vice Presidents Rev. Rudy and Elizabeth Hugo.

Tell us about your family. Elizabeth and I have been married 26 years. We have 5 children--Dawn, (23) an oncology nurse and married to David Albani, Danielle (20) married to Joshua Tavares, David (15), Victoria (13), and Jonathan (8). We have been home schooling for 13 years. We graduated Dawn at 16 who then went to nursing school and graduated at 19 with honors. We graduated Danielle 3 years ago and she is going for special education.

Can you share with us anything about your call to leadership? I began by being a member of a local support group I volunteered for the newsletter. After awhile of doing that I was nominated to become Chapter leader. Three years ago I started the Long Island LEAH Convention. The convention is now in its third year. Each step I was not sure I could accomplish what was necessary, but found that when you walk according to His will you can do amazing things for His glory.

What direction would you like to see NYS LEAH go in? I would like to see home education grow as a viable and vibrant educational opportunity through all denominations and cultures for the glory of God.

What would you like the membership to know about you as their new Vice President? It is truly a privilege to serve and I will represent our organization with dignity and integrity and with a fire.

What issues do you see on the horizon that NYS LEAH may need to address? To make sure the freedoms hard won to be strengthened to fulfill your responsibilities.

Contact Rev. Rudy Hugo at
(516) 315-4909

To "meet" our regional representatives, click here.
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